Flag slurper contains a database of files found on competitior machines. This is normally populated by the AutoPWN functionality. All file commands require that a Project is set.


The main command you’ll use is listing all files in the database.

flag-slurper files ls

The ls command can be filtered by team number (-t TEAM), file name (-n NAME), and/or service name (-s SERVICE).

Once you find a file you want to see, you can use the show command. This will display metadata on the file and will then open the file in your text editor if it is a text file.

flag-slurper files show 1

You may also save the file directly from the database to the given file path.

flag-slurper files get 1 ~/team1_shadow

If you don’t want to keep a file around any more, you can remove it.

flag-slurper files rm 1